Health care reform is one hot potato say East Texans

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - "Healthcare reform is a hot potato," said Glenn Wady, a blue collar worker who says he needs the health insurance being debated on Capital Hill.

"Something - anything would help," said Wady. "I never know when I'm going to be sick enough to go to the hospital...I don't make enough to cover the hospital bills."

But, some uninsured East Texans are worried what government intervention means.

"What happens if there's a government agency now telling the doctors what they can and can not do," said Danielle Clower who is uninsured.

Doctors we spoke with are opposed to government intervention.

"Who is going to be making decisions about your health care?" asked Dr. John Wright, with the Diagnostic Clinic of Longview. "Is it going to be you and your physician or is it going to be a bureaucrat? Some physicians will just retire because they can do that will essentially change the landscape and change the attitude of the patient towards the physician.

Doctors say bureaucratic control could put many practices out of business.

"It's difficult to have a practice with a large medicaid population because we have to pay bills too," said Dr. Wright. "This is a business...but once again we have an ethical problem about patient access."

"I foresee doctors retiring early," said Dr. John Lejuene. "I foresee less doctors entering health care professions."

And some are still unclear about what's being proposed.

"We are on a cobra policy right now, which is outrageous," said Buddy Praznick. "We're concerned about the insurance bill that's before the house. We don't know what it is."

"We'd love to see a reduction in cost," said Carolyn Praznick.

"I want something to happen," said Buddy. "I want some kind of reform, but I think we need to be educated about what's in the bill."

All agree the something needs to be done, but is this reform it?

"I think there'll be a lot of anger a lot of frustration because the number of physicians will be limited care will be rationed," said Dr. Wright.

"I'm hoping it passes because if you ain't got insurance and one of your kids get sick hospital bill comes in you can't afford it get more in debt," said Joseph Marzano.

"If we have a system run by the government we definitely will have a decreased quality of care," said Dr. Lejuene.

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