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A Better East Texas: Apollo 13

It has been 40 years since man landed on the moon.  The Apollo 11 mission delivered 2 astronauts to the lunar surface where they placed an American flag, conducted a few experiments and then rocketed home.  Their safe return was the culmination of years of engineering design and technological advances.  So many things were learned from Apollo 11.  But perhaps even more was learned 2 missions later when disaster struck the team of astronauts onboard Apollo 13.  Faced with a failing spacecraft, engineers, and administrators - the entire NASA team rallied around the central theme that "failure is not an option".  What a huge test of leadership and innovation bringing a successful end to what was looking to be certain disaster.  My point is that we learn answers to questions when things go well, but when things go wrong, we learn about ourselves, and that is the take away for this generation of public servants, parents, and all of us as individuals.  Our economic conditions are delivering unexpected twists and turns and this is a time when leadership and innovation are required just to survive.  This is a time when character is revealed and just as the teams at NASA brought Apollo 13 home; our society will triumph through this adversity - making this a better East Texas.

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