It changed our lives in unexpected ways

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The first mission to the moon has changed all of our lives in ways you may not expect. The moon landing paved the way for several gadgets and necessities that you use practically every day.

The day astronauts took that first step on the moon, little did we know just how much that experience would change our every day experiences! It opened the doors for hundreds of products we all use, like baby formula, Este Lauder cream, athletic fabric swimsuits, and the Tempurpedic bed.

"The Tempurpedic beds are the best beds on the market," said Sharon Smith with Sleep Masters. "There are no springs and they are solid through and through temper material. NASA is the one that actually designed this material."

It is so sturdy, I was able to the lie on the bed while, the Sleep Masters store manager jumped on it.

"NASA released the patent, and so Tempurpedic picked it up and 'viola' there you have the beds that have come out for the retail market," said Smith.

And, the comfy beds were just the start of every-day product creations. From cordless tools to GPS satellite navigation. If it wasn't for NASA we wouldn't have the user friendly gizmos, that's according to LeTourneau professor, Richard Johnson who helped create shuttle tiles for NASA in 2003.

"It was expensive to begin with, but I think we've reaped a lot of technology," said Johnson. "They had special ways of processing, dehydrating the food and making sure it would last during that long trip. I think some of that remote monitoring is something that everybody uses today and even some of the electronic applications of sound and video."

And, it was all thanks to that first moon walk.

Some people thought that things like Velcro, Teflon and the drink Tang were created by NASA programs, but space museum officials say that's just not true.

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