WebXtra: And the green beans said RIBBIT!

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

TYLEr, TX (KLTV) - We are working on a pretty gross story so here's a warning for you if you have a weak stomach.

Chasity Erbaugh of Tyler was heating up a steamable bag of green beans. It was a Great Value brand from Walmart. Now, once cooked, she poured the green beans in a bowl and, thank goodness she did, or she said one of her children may bitten into a nasty surprise.

"Oh my God! That's a frog," said Erbaugh. "That's what I just kept saying, 'That's a frog.'"

As you can imagine, it is shocking and just plain disgusting.

"That's a frog! Or worse than that, it's part of a frog, 75% of it," she said. "They didn't even give me the frog legs with it."

We've contacted Walmart for a statement and also visited the Health Department who is now tracking this. We'll feature this story tonight on KLTV.

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