Longview police officer returns from Afghanistan

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TEXAS (KLTV)- He regularly protects and serves his community as a Longview Police officer, but has answered the call of the military when he's been needed.

Today Air Force Technical Sergeant Jason Hampton came home from Afghanistan.  Tiffany Hampton could hardly control her emotions as she waited for her husband Jason to come back from Afghanistan,"I don't I can't anticipate that initial moment I'm just so excited I just don't even know what to say or do."

When Hampton stepped of the plane, he got a greeting he never expected, as over 250 people , including Patriot Guard members and Welcome Home Soldier.

"My gut told me something special was waiting here and it was," Jason says.

Hampton was also was greeted by fellow Longview Police officers. After 6 months away , he was visibly touched, "I'm blessed to be home , safe and I'm overwhelmed I can't wait to enjoy my time off with my family."

"It feels great its a breath of fresh air for us we are so glad to have Jason back in our midst," says Longview Police Sergeant Jack Lanier.

Though it cost him time away from his wife and children, he remains sure of what his calling was.

"I believe in my job I believe in the military and what we're doing," Hampton says.

But he's clear on what he's most thankful for,"This community , and my family."

The Union Grove native is home now for good and will rejoin the Longview Police force. Longview police actually gave him an escort for a welcome home party at his home in Union Grove.

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