East Texas Nursing Home Closing Its Doors

An East Texas nursing home has decided to close its doors giving its residents just one month to find another home.

The Gladewater Healthcare Center on Ames road informed residents Friday of the closing, scheduled on or before January 31st.

Kirk Rotramel just moved his grandfather to the Gladewater Healthcare Center in August.

Now he and his brother are moving him again.

"He's in the later stages of Alzheimer. His memory comes and goes regularly. Recognition of people comes and goes," says Carl Grubbs.

Carl and Kirk's grandfather, also named Carl, has moved across town to the Gladewater Nursing Home.

Ten other residents from the Healthcare Center will be making their new homes at the Gladewater Nursing Home as well.

"We're glad to have ya," says one nurse to a new resident.

The owners of Gladewater Healthcare Center say the closing was a business decision.

Representatives with the Texas Department of Human Services confirm the center voluntarily decided to shut down.

But they say the center's poor ratings may have had something to do with the decision.

During the last survey done in April of last year the TDHS found 24 deficiencies including: not making sure residents are well nourished, not keeping safe, clean and homelike surroundings and not providing drugs and related services needed by each resident.

"Business is business. I understand that but to rush people out give them a month notice that's not fair to the residents or the employees," says Kirk Rotramel.

Despite the rush to leave Carl Sr.'s family say their main focus now is making sure their grandfather gets adjusted to his new home.

Gladewater Healthcare Center is owned by a company called 'Nexion'.

They own 26 nursing homes in the state of Texas including one in Gilmer and one in Mt Pleasant.

Amy Tatum, reporting