Babysitter Allegedly Poisons Children

"How could you possibly hurt something like this," Tammy Light says as she hugs her two year old son, Ricky. She's trying to make sense of the unthinkable; when she first heard her that her three children were allegedly poisoned by someone she trusted. "We were just good friends, she was a happy-going woman, " that's how Tammy describes 50 year old Janet Askins. Askins was a friend of several years who often babysat her children.

"Apparently the children were annoying Askins she decided she was going to poison them," Tells the childrens' father, Mark Light. "She put two packages of rat poison in their macaroni and cheese."

The alleged incident happened 6 months ago. Recently, Askins was arrested and charged with 3 counts of Injury to a Child. Quitman police say Askins admitted to putting the rat poison in the food. But Tammy and her husband Mark are left wonder why? "She just said that she was jealous that her husband was spending more time with them, " That's the explanation Tammy says she read in documents provided by the Wood County District Attorney's office--still working the case.

The Lights say their children have physically recovered but they're still shaken by the experience, "They don't say much, they're pretty much hide it."

But she's thankful they're alive. "It definitely mad me realize you can trust anybody. If your here--you know what's happening. If your not there--anything can," says Tammy.

All three children are doing fine. Janet Askins is expected to appear in court January 15th.

Jennifer Brice Reporting.