Auto Show Collection of Contradictions

You may not ever need or want a big screen TV in the tailgate of your SUV. And you may not ever be in the market for a luxury car that costs more than most houses. But, here at the Detroit Auto Show, the car makers insist these concept cars mean more than just high priced gadgets.

"The Auto Industry has always been one of the key motivators of the economy," says Auto Show Spokesman William Demmer. "And with all the different industries that are involved in producing cars and all those different suppliers and warehouses and techs and trades and so on, this is huge for the industry and huge globally."

Other than just the dream cars, there are many models at the show heading to showrooms near you. Cars like the new Convertible Beetle. And the updated look of the Ford Mustang has a touch of the new and a touch of the old.

For the truck lovers, there the new Ford F-150's. Ford says this body is nine time stiffer than it's predecessor, making it much more durable.

Not to be outdone, the Dodge Durango is bigger and more powerful. It features a 345 horsepower Hemi RT concept engine. "It features the most horsepower in its class with a five-point-seven liter Hemi," says Chrysler Group Executive Vice President, Jim Schroer. "And, it's got a whole new frame, a Hydroflow Frame independent front suspension, multi link rear for a much more car like ride, but it still gives you full SUV benefits, fifteen percent more room, and with the new Hemi engine, ten percent better fuel economy than the current Durango."

Speaking of fuel economy, GM is showing off it's new Hybrid Engine SUV, the Vue. While it will cost more than it's combustion engine counterparts, GM says customers can make up the price difference in fuel savings.

So, from gas saving SUV's to cool mini vans with multiple sun roofs, this year's show may sound like a collection of contradictions, but it's actually still a bunch of cars.

   Stephen Parr, reporting.