Pregnant Woman Faces Hefty Charges After Police Chase

An East Texas woman, eight and a half months pregnant, leads police on a high speed chase.

She then crashes into four other vehicles.

Saturday night, police attempted to pull over a car driven by 21 year old Lashaunda Talley of Longview as she was driving on Mobberly avenue.

Instead she took off going more than 80-miles an hour.

Inside the vehicle were three small children and another woman, the mother of two of the children..

Two year old Skylar suffered a broken leg and black eye in Saturday's accident.

"He's just in a lot of pain now and very scared of everybody and stuff and he wasn't like that before, says Euginie Wobberton about her grandson.

Skylar, his baby brother and mother, Regina, were all riding in a car with Lashaunda Talley when she made the decision to run from police.

"He got behind us and he put his lights on and then thats when she took her seatbelt off. She was like 'I gotta get home, I gotta get home'", Regina recalls that night.

She begged Talley to slow down but she says Talley wouldn't listen.

"We was doing past 85 on Mobberly. She was doing 85 in the turning lane and that's when she hit the back of the truck and after that I just closed my eyes," says Wobberton.

In all four other vehicles were hit.

Regina's 8-month old son and Talley's infant son were both in car seats and were not injured.

Although Skylar was hurt Regina knows it could've been worse.

"It's hurting me to see my little boy in all that pain but I'm just glad he's alive cause it could've been a lot worser than it is."

Monday Lashaunda Talley left the hospital and was immediately taken to the Gregg county courthouse to be arraigned.

Surprisingly Regina says she forgives her friend, "She called me and told me she was sorry. She's like she just wasn't thinking. She said she was tired of running though but at that moment she was just panicking. But she said she was sorry."

While Talley spends her time thinking about what she could've done differently the innocent victims begin the healing process.

Lashaunda Talley was charged on 13-counts including Endangering A Child, Injury To A Child, and Evading Arrest.

Her bonds total $43,000.

Amy Tatum Reporting