WebXtra: Community support keeps PATH doors open

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's a role reversal that has many East Texans breathing a sigh of relief. Less than a month ago the non profit P.A.T.H. or People Attempting To Help organization in Tyler broke the news they didn't have money to make it through the month. P.A.T.H. has served East Texas for decades providing a multitude of services for those who need a helping hand.

Tuesday, P.A.T.H. officials released the first good news in a while. Due to increased community support the organization has taken in close to $200,000 last month, enough to keep them afloat through the end of summer.

Executive Director of P.A.T.H., Christina Fulsom says the response was just what the organization needed.

"Since we made that plea and since the response from all of you in mass media," said Fulsom,  "Thank you so much for letting the community know because we felt that if the community knew where we stood they would help."

While the money raised over the past several weeks will go far to help the organization, the battle for funds is far from over. P.A.T.H. costs $115,000 a month to operate and is still asking for any type of donation, whether it be time, goods, services, or monetary.

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