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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas water supply company told their customers, they are not allowed any outside watering, and it's a good bet more companies will follow their lead. When you combine that with this scorching summer heat and very little rain, caring for your yard can become more of a nerve-wracking job than a hobby.

How can gardeners get their grass to be greener on the other side?

Arce Landscaping crew had the answer to making East Texas yards beautiful.

"Think two things: Proper watering, and proper care through the right fertilization," said Calixto Arce, owner.

The most important tip to have a "yard of green" is watering.

"You should water at least four times a week early in the morning for a good long time, meaning anywhere from 30 minutes to perhaps and hour," said Arce.

And, forget about that five minute sprinkling you do because, in this East Texas heat, that just won't do. But, like most things, too much of something, like watering, can be detrimental.

"So, it's not just, 'Hey, I've got a sprinkler system...let me just turn it on for an hour at a time seven days a week because it's so hot,'" said Arce. "Even then you can do some damage to the yard."

So, what height should you cut your grass?

"I would probably go inches," he said. "No lower than three inches. Some of them four inches. That's a good height."

Also, be on the lookout for pests that could turn your yard from green to a brown.

"As soon as you start seeing some brown spots, go ahead and buy some products that will kill those grub worms," he suggested.

From lawns to plants, at Smotherman's Scenery they say checking your plant's soil and showing tender loving care are key.

"The most important thing I believe is getting the plant in the right place in the landscape," said Sara Tinsley. "If the plant needs shade, put it in shade. People have a tendency to over water their plants. They just give them a little bit too much love and affection. Too much water can kill a plant just as quickly as not enough."

And then there are the plants that can stand the heat.

"Some of them are these Zinas that I'm watering right now," said Tinsley. "They're called Perfusion and Crystal Zina and they will stand up to the heat as long as they get enough water. They'll be pretty."

Here is another tip for your plants. If they get to much water, they'll droop, and flower beds with too much water will create "root rot".

If you are on a watering ban, landscapers say the best thing you can do is double up on their watering when they're allowed again to water their lawns. That way they can try to make up for lost time.

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