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A Better East Texas: Summer

Summer is half over and a question hit me recently - what happened to the summer I used to know?  I remember growing up, playing in the back yard - or front yard - with a group of neighborhood friends.  We played with G. I. Joes, B-B guns, the Wham-O Water Wiggle, had occasional bottle rocket fights, played baseball and football in the pasture at the end of the street or just used our imagination to explore the world around us.  The summer I used to know.  It's pretty much all gone.  G.I. Joes have lost their appeal, B-B guns are few and far between, the Wham-O Water Wiggle has been recalled and you can't buy bottle rockets any more.  The pasture at the end of the street is now some kind of store, a church or Tex-Mex restaurant besides the owner of the field had to kick everybody off because of the liability risk - so all that is left is our imagination.  And I fear that even that is being assaulted by video games, the internet and even TV as parents roll over and let their kids passively experience the summer.  Perhaps you have some of those same summer memories or maybe your summer was completely different.  Either way, I'd like to return to the summer I used to know and that will make for a Better East Texas.
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