Don't become a vehicle theft victim

By LaKecia Shockley - bio | email

GREGG COUNTY-KILGORE (KLTV) - Tis' the season for hot summer vehicle burglary thefts. Kilgore police say they are seeing an increase, so they're taking action to help you from becoming a victim.

Kilgore Police Corporal Vance Callahan wants you to be aware of what you leave behind in your car-- like purses, that could attract burglars.

"It only takes 3 or 4 seconds to knock your glass out, grab your purse, and thieves are gone, and it's broad daylight," said Corporal Callahan.

Corporal Callahan is just one of many Kilgore police officers who will be out on vehicle burglary inspections. "Anything out in the open GPS units, backpacks, you name it.  It takes a half second to knock the window out and the thieves are gone."

Their goal is to seek and find valuables left behind. Corporal Callahan's mission starts in the Brookshire's parking lot in Kilgore.

"There's a cell phone inside a vehicle-- plain as day," says Corporal Callahan.

Vehicle after vehicle we found valuable items looking right through the windows. We even found open vehicle doors.

"Looks like this truck is unlocked. Yes, its unlocked and the windows are down. To a professional thief you could bust the column and drive off in the truck," said Callahan.

To prevent thefts, officers are leaving crime prevention tip cards on the windshield of prospect vehicles that thieves would likely break into.

"I've had my car broken into and my purse stolen before. I'm too trustworthy I guess. I think what Kilgore PD is doing is a great idea," said Brenda Martin, of Kilgore.

The Kilgore police department's new crime prevention program targeting vehicle burglaries kicks off this week.

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