Armed Robbery at Longview Car wash

It was around 5:30 this morning that Longview police were called to shots fired at a car wash on Harrison Road and Sabine Street where a group of people had gathered.

Witnesses told police that 2 armed men entered this building where a group of people were having a dice game and they demanded money at gunpoint.

What the men didn't know is that a patrol unit was nearby and responded quickly.

What happened next was every police officers worst fear that he finds himself looking down the barrel of a gun. As they were approaching the building, the door came open as the 2 armed men were exiting the building , one of the suspects allegedly pointed a fire arm at one of the officers.

Fortunately the suspects had a change of heart and fled according to police, but the officer captured them a short time later.

30 year old Christopher Harris and a second man are charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated assault of a public servant. They will be arraigned tomorrow.