New Information In Minister Murder Case

The case of a local minister accused of murdering his wife is now receiving national attention.

The case of Marla Tabb's murder was profiled on "Dateline" last night. Tabb's husband Mike, who was then serving as minister of the First United Methodist Church of Troup, turned himself in and was charged with her murder.

Now, the Smith County Sheriff's Department has more evidence. New DNA results are in from blood found at the scene of the murder.

"We did get the DNA tests back," Sheriff J.B. Smith says, "And we were pleased with the results. Of course, after talking with the district attorney, we can't go into detail about it at the present time because we may have to go to trial."

"And we're ready for that," Smith adds. "If we have to go to trial, we've got every I dotted and every T crossed and we're ready to go."

Smith says the indictment from the grand jury could come down in a matter of weeks. He was also pleased with the way the case was portrayed by the national media.

Reid Kerr reporting.