Crawfish boiler? Now that's a hot job!

By Philippe Djegal - email

BIG SANDY, TX (KLTV) - We're continuing our search for the hottest job in East Texas. Today the heat hit triple digits, and at Circle M Crawfish in Big Sandy there wasn't a dry shirt in sight.  And these guys prove you don't have to be working in the sun to feel like you're on the surface of it.

"Drink a lot of water - [and a] little bit of cold beer," said owner Rodney Murphy.

It was simmering hot outside, but, that didn't keep the customers away. They wanted their crawfish, and, as the crawdads were boiling away, one thermometer inside reads 105 degrees, and the other a blistering 120.

"Oh, it'll be 138 degrees, right in that range," said Murphy. "And, we've got fans."

But the fans are just blowing hot air.

"It just circulates," said cook Tommy Hester. "I mean, you just need something passing by you,  kind of like a radiator in your car."

"With all the cookers going, there's just no way to that we've figured out to cool it off," said Murphy.

"I drink a lot of water all day," said fryer Keenan Ailstock. "About six pints of water every day."

And that's about all Ailstock could do.

"I keep this rag on me and paper towels in my hand and stand in front of my fan over there," Ailstock said.

He works by hot oil all day, frying shrimp, catfish and hushpuppies.

"I can't think of a hotter job, unless I didn't have a roof over me," said Ailstock. "That'd be too hot. I'd have to quit."

Owner Rodney Murphy says working in the kitchen this year is a challenge, because normally the shop would be closed up by now.

"This year, we're getting a lot of real pretty deep water crawfish and it's running into July and, these 100 degree days really make it a hot place to work," said Murphy.

Circle M Crawfish in Big Sandy is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11a.m. to 8:30p.m.

We're still looking for the hottest jobs out there. If you think you know the hottest job in East Texas, then please shoot us an email at

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