This time, any thoughts of escape were gone

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas escapee, on the run since Tuesday is back in jail. A tip Friday morning led authorities to 31-year-old Michael Fagan. He was about to be booked on drug charges Tuesday when he broke free in the sally-port of the Gregg County Jail. They found Fagan at a house in Longview.

The manhunt ended in a deja vu moment for Michael Fagan. He was taken into custody for the second time at the same spot he escaped from Tuesday. Only this time, any thoughts of escape, were gone.

"Having him back in custody is something we needed to accomplish and needed to accomplish quickly," said Gregg County Sheriff, Maxey Cerliano.

Handcuffed and under tight security, Fagan listened as a Gregg County judge read the charges against him.

Around 10:45 Friday morning an arrest team of Gregg County sheriff's deputies, Longview police, and U.S. Marshal's followed a lead to a house on Electra Street. Searching inside, the team made their way into a bedroom making an unusual discovery.

"He was actually secreted in a bedroom between the mattress and the box springs," said Cerliano.

The bed Fagan was hiding in belonged to 28-year-old Shalonda Jones who, authorities say, is Fagan's girlfriend. She wasn't far behind her boyfriend, being arrested for hindering apprehension of a known felon - an act seriously effecting the search for Fagan.

"You know, one of the problems we had with this defendant was that he was very mobile," explained Cerliano. "While he lacked certain resources, mobility was not one of them. And again, he had to be mobile because of the resources dedicated to capturing him."

Multiple law enforcement agencies came together, working day and night, to right what Sheriff Cerliano calls a mistake.

"While I understand that this began as a mistake, let's not lose sight of the...dedicated men and women who protected this county and who worked diligently and together to bring this suspect back into custody," said Cerliano.

Gregg County authorities say Fagan will face felony charges for the escape on top of drug possession charges he received in his initial arrest. Bond is set at $105,000.

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