Taking the Backdoor into Hollywood

If you're a movie buff who dreams of one day writing your own film, you may be discouraged by the statistics. Every year, millions of screenplays are written, but only 4,000 writers are employed full-time. However, one East Texan is joining thousands of others and trying to get discovered via the information highway.

"It's a lot of heartbreak in the beginning," says 27-year old Sam Brown of Whitehouse. "It's been a lot of let down. In eight years, Sam has written seven screen plays, but none have been sold.

The young family man is now using his computer to get Hollywood's attention. Screen writing sites like Kevin Spacey's Triggerstreet.com offer writers like Sam a chance to get their works exposed. Agents and producers search the sites daily looking for hits.

"It's kind of a network, where you can put your stuff on and they can read it," says Sam. "They can tell you how good it is, and what you need to work on."

Out of eight screenplays, Sam says two he sent online were almost purchased, but the producers backed out last minute. He continues to plug on, hoping for a big break.

"The Internet is an easy way to get your foot in the door especially when living in East Texas and everybody else is in California or New York."

Like many great Hollywood movies, Sam's future success in screen writing is unpredictable, but he's pulling for a happy ending.

Another notable site is Project Green Light. Actors Ben Affect and Matt Damon started the webpage so writers could submit their works for review. The best screenplay is then made into a movie. It's important to remember, all writers should obtain a copyright before sending work online.