Man Charged with Targeting Women with Sexually Explicit Letters

A Tyler man has been arrested for allegedly leaving sexually explicit letters on the cars of at least eight women. In each of the letters, the writer describes the women personally.

52-year old Tommy Dale Woodard was arrested Thursday morning.  Tyler Police believe the explicit letters were all written by Woodard, and began appearing back in 2000.

The investigation started last April, after several sexual attacks in South Tyler.  There is a connection between the two, apparently a remarkable coincidence.

Officer Chris Moore, Tyler Police Dept: "[The attacks] came to our light back in the spring [2002], after the attacks back in South Tyler, because several of the victims had received these letters."

That South Tyler attacker is still on the loose. And there's no suspicion of a connection because Woodard is white, the suspect in the assaults is black.  Now, Woodard is charged with eight separate counts, but only Class B misdemeanor harrassment.

Officer Moore says it's not stalking because in these letters, there were explicit descriptions of the women, but no outright threats.

Women who received these letters came forward after word spread in the community. Police think there might be other victims, and they ask that anyone who has received a letter like this, to come forward.