Wills Point's #1 Cowboys Fan Happy with Tuna Hire

"Campo? I think Campo was just an easygoing ol' boy."

That's what Johnny Earley thinks of Cowboys past.  But, being a good ol' boy isn't good enough for the 'Boys.

Collecting memorabilia is Johnny's hobby, the silver and blue is his passion, and he thinks "the Tuna" will be the team's saviour.

"I think in the next two years, they'll be in the playoffs, or in the Super Bowl."

Johnny is someone with experience following the boys.

"I came out of the service in '62, and I started going to all the Cowboy games. It was reasonable entertainment."

Through Landry, Johnson, Switzer, Gailey, and Campo... he's been loyal.  Though one day it got tough.

"They done some off-the-wall stuff. I had a hammer and I threw it through the tv. Nearly got a divorce."

He thinks now is the time for a divorce at Valley Ranch.

"I think some of the coaches have been there too long. So clean house? Yeah, clean house. It's time."

He thinks Parcells is going to shape a new Cowboys franchise, at the top if Jerry will let him, and certainly down with the rank and file players.

"Parcells is going to bring the "no crap" attitude. You're going to show up...and play football," he says