Longview Bad Restaurant Report

7 Longview restaurants were hit with major violations in the latest round of inspections by the health department... Including La Sultana Mexican restaurant at 1606 East Marshall avenue. Inspected on December 17th, they were found to have contaminated foods spoiled foods and out of date foods, they had 10 violations including hot and cold foods at improper temperatures... They scored a C. Popeyes fried chicken at 217 East Marshall was inspected on December 20th and had 6 violations. Cold foods were at unsafe temperatures, and employees were cited for hygienic violations. Score a B. Inspected on December 18th, Arby's at 1025 McCann road had 6 violations.. Including improper handling of ready to eat foods and uncleaned food contact surfaces... They scored a B. Pancho's at 1021 Highway 31 had 6 violations when inspected on November 12th. Uncleaned food contact surfaces were found, and there were inadequate hand wash facilities. Score a B. Inspected on December 6th, 5 violations were found at the China Pearl at 2511 Judson road. Hot and cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures and utensils were improperly sanitized. Score a B. The Waffle House at 3107 Estes Parkway was inspected on November 20th and had 5 violations, including uncleaned food contact surfaces and inadequate hand wash facilities... Score a B. And inspected on December 6th Canton's at 2010 East Marshall had 7 violations. Food contact surfaces were uncleaned and hygienic violations among employees... Score a B..

Bob Hallmark, reporting.