Scrapbook Craze

"It's kinda like a modern day quilting bee," That's what Jennifer Davidson things about her hobby. She and a group of ladies are busy telling a story. "We're writing down our stories with our pictures and we get to kinda share it with each other."

Cropping is cutting and compiling. It's a term for a hobby called "Scrapbooking".

"All your pictures are priceless, especially when we're talking about our families," tells Nicole McNutt of Creative Memories, owner of the scrapbook company. Good times are mounted onto pages. Pages that slip into a book that captures a moment in time. Creativity that's molded with little tools, from corner rounders, square makers and personal trimmers.

Amy Steele has been doing this for 8 years, "Usually there's lots of talking but as we've been here longer and longer it's get's real quiet." Serious creativity that somehow finds it's own time in her busy life, "I've spent 12 hours at a stretch, but I'm a novice.

labor of love that makes for a lasting memory and a special gift. "Our lives are in our books," says Amy.

If your interested in learning more about scrapbooking, there's an overnight weekend retreat this month at Pine Cove Christian Center. For more information, call Pine Cove at 521-0231.