Year End Review

New Years Day, 2002--a police standoff involving a 73 year old armed man and the Tyler Police. Fred Douglas Wallace set his home on fire, barricaded himself in the garage and opened fire as police went in.. His bullets hit a reporter and photographer for the Tyler Morning Telegraph. Wallace was shot by a swat team member and killed.

Moving into February, after months of campaigning, TISD's $293 million dollar bond election loses its steam. The money was meant to rebuild and repair Tyler schools. You voted...60 percent of voters said "no" to the largest bond election in East Texas history. It's back to the drawing board...

March, "Operation Candyman"...the FBI cracks down on an international child porn ring that started in East Texas. The e-mail group's creator, 32 year old Mark Bates of Palestine, will spend 30 years behind bars. 90 people were arrested nationwide in the "Candyman Sting"

June, a church bus traveling from Garland to Louisiana crashes in a highway pillar on 1-20, just outside of Terrel. Five teens and the bus driver are killed; 32 more injured. The bus was on it's way to a week long camp retreat. An autopsy reveals that the bus driver was high on cocaine and valium.

July, "Smash and Grab". Over a years time more than 30 homes are hit by a theif who kicked in the back door. Clever investigative work led police to the suspected back-door burglars. A cell phone and stolen credit card link Lawrence Madlock and his wife, Penny Renee Green to the crime. Police have tied the couple to at least six of smash and grab burglaries.

August; a brutal, violent murder in the City of Troup. A minister's wife, Marla Tabb, is found bludgeoned to death. Her husband, Mike Tabb later turns himself in. He's now charged with the murder. The case is ongoing.

November and December: East Texas schools are forced to close after a flu like virus keeps large numbers home sick. The virus that hit one school, Winona ISD, was identified as the Hong Kong Flu.