Mother has message for son on the run

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GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Michael Dante Fagan has been on the run since escaping from the sally-port of the Gregg County Jail on Tuesday. He was heading to the jail on drug charges. Since then, a massive multi-agency manhunt has been underway, focusing on the Liberty City area.

"Last night, I just cried, cried, cried, you know?" said Beverly Loyd, Fagan's mother.

She says ever since the escape, she's feared for her son's life.

"If they find him, they might kill him," said Loyd. "They might shoot him. You know what I'm saying. I don't want that to happen. I don't want that to happen to my son."

Loyd says her son's troubles all began when he was arrested on narcotics charges.

"Maybe he just got so frustrated 'cause he couldn't find no job," said Loyd. "Maybe he started doing drugs cause he couldn't find no drugs. I don't know."

She says Fagan would not hurt anyone, unless he felt provoked. Now, she's just hoping her plea will reach him in time.

"I wish that he would go ahead and turn himself in because the family is very worried because we don't want nothing to happen to him, you know?" said Loyd.

While Loyd worries about her son, residents in and around Liberty City are worried too, especially at one RV park campground, where 60 families with children live.

"It's a very tight community so a lot of people don't lock their rigs everyday," said Robert Walsh, a resident. "So there was that chance."

"It would make me feel more comfortable if I knew he was caught, you know, but we're still on the lookout," said Elizabeth Walsh. "We still have a neighborhood watch going on. And we've got 9-1-1 and we're not afraid to use it."

And as for Fagan's mother, she has a message to her son.

"Go ahead and give yourself up," said Loyd. "Just quit running. Just quite running."

Fagan was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. If you see him, call your local authorities.

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