UPDATE: Police searching for attempted murder suspect

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - Jacksonville PD are looking for a suspect they say is armed and dangerous. Authorities have warrants for the arrest of Sheddrick Dewayne Thompson, 26, of Longview, based on the charged of attempted murder (a second degree felony). Authorities believe Thompson has one or more children with him. CPS has been contacted.

According to authorities, Thursday morning, Thompson attempted to kill his live-in girlfriend. Officials say Thompson put a braided leather belt around her neck, strangling her with it. Later, Thompson also threatened to shoot his girlfriend with a small hand gun.

Authorities say the incident stemmed from an argument between Thompson and his girlfriend regarding who would take his children to the daycare. Thompson assaulted his girlfriend in front of his children.

According to police, the victim tried to call for help multiple times, but Thompson blocked her attempts. The girlfriend managed to get out of the apartment, but when she tried to record Thompson's license plate, he threatened her with a handgun.

Thompson drove off and his girlfriend followed him in her car. She was able to attract the attention of a Jacksonville Police car. Officers helped the victim and she was taken to a local hospital to have her injuries treated.

Unfortunately, Thompson exited the area, and officers could not find him.

He was last seen in an older model blue Cadillac with gray primer down the back of the driver's side.

Anyone with information about the case should contact Detective Jason Price at the Jacksonville Police Department or their local Crime Stoppers.

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