Missionary Family Leave for Papua New Guinea

The Bandy family -- Mick, June, Carter, Drew, and Palmer face thirty hours in a plane.

Then three years in the jungles of Papua New Guinea -- Spreading the Word.

"Yesterday we were amazed at this peace. Usually when you leave even on vacation, you get very stressed out," said June, minutes before the family departed for the airport Friday.

There was remarkable calm before their lives completely change.

Husband Mick Bandy:  "We really feel like we have been appointed by God and that we are His ambassadors."

Working with Bible translators and teaching about Christ, Mick and June work to get the Gospel to the people of Papua New Guinea, a large Pacific island with more than 4 million people.  The island has more than 800 languages.

Carter Bandy: "It's really awesome to see how God works over there." He and his two brothers will go to an international school there, in a country the Bandy's have been to before. But this is not a short stay.

"We have some pretty deep roots in Tyler, Texas, and it's been a process to pull up the roots," Mick says.

June adds: "A lot of things have come together in the past couple of months, and it's just amazing how things have worked out."

Friday morning, they left chilly Tyler for a tropical island.  There were the final goodbyes, some tears, and a prayer.

"You have to have faith in God," says Mick.

Faith that this is what they are meant to do.

"The safest place to be is in God's will and we definitely feel that we are in God's will."

Reported by: Morgan Palmer