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Cheap Eats: Thanks to a tip from East Texans...

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The first Cheap Eats discovery was in downtown Tyler. Thanks to a tip from you guys, I found a hidden gem, the Tyler Tortilla Factory. Heading inside the menu can't lie. Tacos seem like a safe bet so I head to the kitchen. The chef went to work on my two tacos while the others knocked out hundreds of tamales. They brought it to the front. Two tacos and a can drink was $4.41.

Next up was a stop promising to cover all your bases. They sell gas, but don't call it a gas station. Since 1991, the Noonday Store has been providing passers by with fuel and food.

"We're a country store," said William Long, self-professed Noonday Store guru. "People like coming in and seeing their food made. We're an open kitchen. They can see everything that's going on here."

I checked out the menu and found your second Cheap Eat whose reputation precedes it.

"Best burger in Noonday," said Long. "Y'all know how big Noonday is."

The open kitchen allowed me to watch the burger evolve into a combination of beef, toppings a plenty and don't forget about that melted cheese. The trip from grill to bun took forever, but it was well worth the wait. Delivered, the wrapper said it all. A cheeseburger with mustard all the Joe Terrell, from the Noonday girls? Aw, come on!

The burger and drink were $4.38.

My final stop was Paleteria Polar in Tyler. You'll know if you've passed by before because the bright blue is hard to miss. I walked inside and checked out the menu. The nachos looked like a winner. Served up, I got a heaping dish of nachos and a bottle of soda for a mere $4 giving me this weeks Cheap Eats winner.

Bonus Cheap Eats:

Taqueria El Lugar
155 US Highway 69 N
Bullard, TX 75757
(903) 894-9242
Channel 7 Special
Super Quesadilla, Chips and a Small Drink

Cheap Eats addresses:

Noonday Store
16822 Hwy. 155 S
Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 534-9498
Cheeseburger, 16 oz. Soda

Paleteria Polar
1203 E Erwin St
Tyler, TX 75702
(903) 595-5303
Nachos & Bottle of Soda

Tyler Tortilla Factory
513 N Border Ave
Tyler, TX
(903) 595-0873
Two Tacos & Can Drink

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