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East Texans pay tribute to the 'King of Pop'

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In both L.A. and here at home, Michael Jackson fans took time out of their day to pay tribute and say their final goodbyes to who some are calling the biggest entertainer.

There was no denying why Dale Tolmasoff was at Carmike Cinema, Tuesday.

"When people call him the "King of Pop," or the greatest performer ever, I don't think those are exaggerations," said Tolmasoff. "I think it's really true. There's nobody like him."

Carmikes nationwide, including the one in Tyler, offered free screenings of Jackson's memorial service. Dale was the first one and, for a while, the only one in theater one.

"It feels like such a loss and to see people mourning him all around the world," said Tolmasoff. "[It is] just so touching and I wanted to be a part of this."

"He was a legend," said Kiruma Lacefield.

She and her family, along with other Jackson fans, eventually made their way to the theater.

"He was something also very personal," said Lacefield. "Somehow he touched a lot of people without even meeting them. We're here to give our well wishes to his family and just to the person himself."

Monday, we introduced you to Melissa Richardson and her mother, Jackie Pritchard. The two were among the nearly 18,000 fans selected to attend the memorial service. We spoke to Melissa by phone as she was leaving the Nokia center Tuesday afternoon.

"Do you think it was worth it?" I asked Melissa.

"Absolutely...absolutely," said Melissa. "It's been nothing short of amazing, that's for sure. Just to be here and experience it and be a part of history - it's incredible! His daughter spoke at the very end and it was moving. Very moving. It was a tear jerker. You can see a lot of real pain in that family. They've lost a family member and it's real sad. It's real humbling. I truly believe - and it's the common feeling around here - he was the biggest entertainer."

It was a big goodbye for a big star.

We know that Jackson will be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles, but when he will be buried is still unknown.

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