Murdered Missionaries "Like Family" to Tyler Couple

The call to Jay Roberts came early this morning.

"[It was] shock, you don't really feel anything. You're kind of numb."

The Jibla hospital and the people there have a special place in Jay Roberts heart. He met his wife Juna there. They were married back in the states.

Today, he says danger is something that comes with the territory, and something that's a reality in Yemen.

"You're always aware of it. It's not a topic of conversation, because you live with it all the time, you know it's there."

There are nothing but fond memories of the three people who died doing what they loved-- indeed, what they commited their lives to.

Kathleen Gariety of Wisconsin. -- Jay says: "Kathy was a passionate person. She had a lot of emotion.  She loved the work she did."

Dr. Martha Myers, whom Jay says was a legend in Yemen.  "She would drive three hours up a mountain to check on someone she'd seen two weeks earlier." "[It was] the first question you'd get: 'Do you know Martha? I know Martha.'"

And hospital director Bill Koehn... "[He was] treating everyone with respect and dignity regardless what their circumstances were."  Bill was treated like a father to the Roberts.  He gave away the bride when Jay and Juna were married.

Jay says God has a hand in every event. Even those one no one understands.

"I have to trust that God has a purpose for this and that good will come from it."