Authorities Investigate Business Burglaries

A busted office window was all Jim Blair found when surveying his building on Sunday afternoon. Earlier that day, burglars broke into Blair's office and stole three computers.

In 15 years of business, Blair's tank manufacturing company--Smith Tank--had burglars, but none quite like this.

"The value of what they took to the resale market is probably low at this point, because they're used computers," Blair adds. "But the value to me is thousands of dollars."

Blair is not the first business in North Tyler to suffer such a loss. Smith County authorities say in the last few weeks, burglars have targeted several industrial firms located near Highway 271. Several hours before Blair was hit, intruders entered Perf-O-Log on Highway 69.

"They were so brazen," manager Richard Robinson says. "They threw rocks through the door and kicked the door in. But with the alarm going off, they just grabbed the TV and ran." The company was left with $700 in damages.

"Anytime you have to buy something new because somebody steals it, it costs you money," Robinson added. "It comes out of your bottom line."

Over the weekend, a fireworks stand on Spur 248 was targeted. The intruders stole more than $2000 worth of fireworks. Smith County is still investigating the case and checking to see if any of the cases are related.

   Kerri Panchuk, reporting.