Bullet Fired In Yemen Strikes East Texas

From half a world away, an assassin's bullet in Yemen reverberates in Eustace. Don Caswell, wounded in the Yemen attacks, makes his church home in Eustace at the First Baptist Church.

Charlie Brewer, church member and friend of Caswell, says, "I heard the situation on the hospital out there, and my mind went directly to Don."

For the other members of the church, their first reaction was shock, then to gather and pray.

"We love him," Paster Paul McKinney says. "He's one of us. And it's also an opportunity for us to feel like we have a part in his life and to lift him up to the Lord. And that's one of the things we do as Christians, we pray for each other and we lift each other up."

Caswell had taken his skills as a pharmacist to Yemen, where that job description is a far more serious one than in America.

"When they go to the pharmacy," McKinney explains, "Or when they have an opportunity to be there, it's most of the time a life and death situation. And he uses his skills as a pharmacist to show them how much the Lord loves him and how much the Lord loves them."

The members of the church are proud of Don, and they say their mission won't change.

"Our primary goal," Brewer says. "Is to get the word of God out to the people in the world because there's so many people over there it's unbelievable. What they believe and how they believe."

So this morning, they reaffirmed their faith in support of their friend, wounded for his beliefs.

Reid Kerr reporting.