Man Accused of Murder And Dumping Body In Abandoned Car

23-year old Mario Rashad Swain was arraigned today on capital murder charges.

Police say Friday, Swain broke into a home on Iris circle in Longview.

When the homeowner, 46-year old Lola Nixon, came home, Swain allegedly beat her to death with a tire tool.

Investigators say Swain first took Nixon's body to an abandoned mobile home but then disposed of her body in an abandoned car off Staley road.

Mario Swain is also charged with aggravated burglary.

His bonds total more than a million dollars.

Lola Nixon lived alone at her home on Iris circle.

She had told family and friends she felt safe because of the active crimewatch in her neighborhood.

Many of her co-workers and friends are still in shock at the news of her murder.

Friends who work with 46-year old Lola Nixon gathered outside her home on Iris circle Monday morning still in shock over her murder.

"We just wanna help any way that we can," says one friend as she and three others speak to an officer.

Lola had worked at Sitel almost four years.

A fellow manager says Lola wasn't just a co-worker she was everyone's friend.

"Lola was a very outgoing, very personable, very friendly person and she always had a smile on her face. She was very easy to be around and very easy to speak with. Whenever someone here had a tragedy or anything that was really concerning them she was always the compassionate person that would talk to them about it," says Cindy Floyd.

Lola had just moved into her home on Iris circle about a year ago.

She lived there alone but had told friends she felt completely safe that nothing bad could ever happen on her quiet little street.

Lola's co-workers couldn't believe something so horrible could've happened to someone like her.

"She lived in a very nice area didn't have an enemy that I knew of and her lifestyle would not be one that would attract any type of violence," says Floyd.

"We just left the nursing home from talking to her mom," says another friend.

Friends say Lola's mother is battling cancer.

They say Lola had just recently decided to take her mother home from a local nursing home and care for her herself.

But for now family and friends are simply trying to understand how someone could take a life they valued so deeply.

Amy Tatum reporting