Go Kart Racers from far...far...away

By: Coleman Swierc - email

Winona, Texas (KLTV) - Mike Nichols loves going fast.

"Feels like you are driving a stolen car."

No he didn't steal his car, he and his dad built it and drove it along way to race it.

"We drove about 16 hours total."

All the way from South Dakota, for the Go Kart Grand Nationals and a little family bonding

"It is a whole new world, it is undescribable," said Lannie Nichols, "it is more fun because we have the mother involved, and the little brother and we do absouletly have a blast."

"That is the fun part of it," said 11 year-old Mike, "especially when you have your little brother here with you, he will keep you awake, you dont have to worry about that."

So what is the worst part about driving halfway across the country to go Go Kart Racing? 

Not racing at all, day one of practices cancelled due to inclement weather.

"It stinks, we really wanted to practice."

"I was really looking forward to racing today."

Ryan Kolkmeier has reason to be bummed, she is one of the few girls that will hit the track to take on the boys.

"It is a lot of fun, trying to beat the boys and all."

And in this case, boys and girls do get along.

"I have gone to Mississippi to race and then the next year when I came back I saw the same person I saw the year before and I talked alot to them, we make lots of friends doing this," said 12 year old Kolkmeier.

With any luck, the kids will hit the track on Tuesday, and can forget about all the little nagging things that Texas has to offer.

"Basically the heat and the bugs," lauged Mike Nichols.

"In South Dakota, the ants are friendly," joked father Lannie, "and they have been everywhere here all weekend, other than that, it is a good 'ol dirt track and we will get out here and see if we can get our stuff working and try to run up their near the front."

The drivers will get time to practice tommorrow at the I-20 Speedway, and official races will begin 7:00 p.m. on each day until the end of the day Thursday.