They feel like they've won the lottery!

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Melissa Richardson of Tyler and her mother were on their way to L.A. with hopes of being one of the thousands of people expected to attend Michael Jackson's memorial service.

There was no time to lose!

"[We were] going crazy...trying to get a flight and everything," said Melissa. "All the airlines were booked."

"[It was] $1500.82 for both of us, for round trip," said Melissa's mom, Jackie.

The two packed just hours before their flight. 1.6 million people registered for a mere chance to descend upon the Staples Center, Tuesday. 8,750 people, plus one guest each get to go.

"We're two of those people," said Melissa.

"Yeah, it's like winning the lottery," said Jackie.

They had their plane tickets.

"So many people worldwide wanted to be at this memorial," said Melissa. "To be able to be there and be a part of it, it's just history in the making."

But, when they left, they still didn't have actual tickets to the memorial service - just a voucher. Once they land, Melissa and her mother have to travel to the Dodger Stadium where a steady stream of fans filter in and out all day long, with their vouchers in hand. Those selected have to claim their tickets in person by Monday evening.

"I have to get there by six," said Melissa. "So, we're not checking luggage. We're doing carry-on's and we're heading straight through."

"Hope our legs will hold up if we have to run for the airport to Dodger Stadium," said Jackie.

It is a lot to go through for two Michael Jackson fans who are scrambling to pay their final respects.

"He was so popular," said Jackie. "He was the king of pop."

"Just wish us luck!" exclaimed Melissa.

The only question is, will they make it? At around 2:30 Monday afternoon, Melissa sent us a text message saying she and her mom were boarding their connecting flight in Houston. They're expected to land at LAX at 4:30 California time. Then, it's a mad, cab-ride dash to Dodger Stadium.

*UPDATE: Late Monday night, Melissa contacted KLTV 7, saying they did make it to the stadium in time to redeem the tickets. They will be attending Tuesday's memorial.

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