Longview Burglary Ends in Murder

A two day search for a Longview woman ended in southern Gregg County early Sunday, as the body of the woman was found in an abandoned car off Stanley Road.

Police believe the victim, in her mid-40's, was killed in her Longview home when she surprised a burglar. Because of a neighbors attention to detail, authorities did locate a suspect. A license plate number led police to 23 year old Mario Swain. Police say Swain told them that he broke into the womans house on Iris Circle Friday night. In the course of burglarizing her home, Swain tells police the woman walked in on him. Swain also told investigators that he first took the womans body and tried to first dump it at an abandoned mobile home on F-M 349. But then decided hide the body in an abandoned car off Stanley road.

Swain has already been charged with aggravated burglary and is expected to be charged with capitol murder on Monday... Investigators still trying to figure out why it went from burglary to murder. The victims name is being withheld until her family is notified.

Bob Hallmark reporting.