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"I'm not for socialsim. I'm not for higher taxes," says protestor

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They feel like the government isn't listening anymore. That's according to the overwhelming majority of protestors today in Tyler.

East Texans gathered in Bergfeld Park for this morning tea party, voicing their displeasure with Washington, and higher taxation without representation.

Conservatives say the last straw has been drawn. 

"I don't believe in forcing anyone to take on our ideals or our beliefs," said Texas state Democratic delegate Adreona Reagan. "But, I do believe in stopping them from taking mine away from me."

Their displeasure starts with former president George W. Bush, when last september, the subprime mortgage crisis hit a head and the federal government took over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Lehman Brothers, followed by the $85 billion bailout of AIG.

"The things that president Bush did at the last part of his administration is something that all of these people object to," said state representative Leo Berman.

"We're protesting the government in it's current state," said Grassroots American 'We the People' member Lee Shastid. "That it has lost it's form as originally laid forth in the constitution."

And these East Texans, openly frustrated, say president Obama has done nothing to change their minds of their government.

"He's tripled out debt in the last five months," said Berman.

The billions spent on bailing out the American auto industry, and a national health care plan that could reportedly hit a trillion dollars isn't sitting well with conservatives.

"The amount of money being spent cannot be paid back in four years or eight years, or even in this generation," said Tyler TEA Party organizer Kevin Hard. "We cannot keep printing money thinking it will solve all of our problems."

State democratic delagate Adreona Reagan says she voted for president obama, hoping for change.

"I am not for communism. I'm not for socialism. I'm not for higher taxes," said Reagan. 

But, she says this president has failed to deliver the change she was seeking.

"I am not for national health care. I am not for the hate crime bill, and I am not for abortion," said Reagan.

"We don't want the change that president Obama and the United States congress are moving us to," said Berman. "They are moving us to a failing system of socialism."

Reagan says "we're going to unite this country and we're going take it back in a positive way under the constitution." 

Event organizers say more than 1,500 East Texans showed for today's tea party in Tyler.

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