Fireworks displayer? Now that's a hot job!

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - We are still looking for the hottest jobs in East Texas this summer. We found one in Longview that many may not think of. The hard and meticulous job of setting up a fireworks show in the blistering heat.

In preparation for the July 4th fireworks display, workers with Pyrotechnico braved the heat to set the stage for "Ooos" and "Aaahs."

"There's just no room for mistakes when your dealing with explosives and a performance of this size," said Dan Farsworth, Pyrotechnico owner.

Everything has to be moved manually, over 2,600 explosive shells, grandstands, flags, and casings.

"[There's] a lot of heavy lifting," said Brian Hunt. "These things aren't the lightest to tote around."

As temperatures reached 100, the heat index was like a lead weight on their shoulders.

"It takes us a couple of days to set up out here," said Kyle Smith, with League of Business Owners. "Well, let me say this. It's the hottest job that I do every summer. It was 103, 105 here yesterday and factor in the humidity and working on the asphalt we're probably 10-15 degrees hotter than that."

The heat was absolutely blistering, but the guys couldn't hurry or rush. One missed connection or wire could slow or even stop the show.

"You can't rush because that increases your exhaustion level which increases your mistakes," said Dan Farnsworth.

Every shell, every connection and every wire has to be perfect.

"The show must go on is the way we look at it," said Smith.

For some, whatever the conditions for the set-up, the celebration is the important thing.

"Things come with a price and patriotism is a big part of it," said Tracy Vincent. "This is my favorite thing to do or I wouldn't be here doing it. I love my job."

The Longview fireworks are set to kick off July 3rd at the Longview Fairgrounds after 9.

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