East Texas Police Officer Shot, Manhunt Follows

An East Texas police officer was shot twice by a suspect in Henderson County early Friday morning.

That led authorities on an eight hour manhunt for a 26 year old Murchison man, spanning from Caney City to an area close to Eustace.

John Glen Holloway allegedly used officer Michael Allen's weapon in the shooting before getting away.

"The officer was investigating the burglary of a coin machine crime and somehow a scuffle took place and he took the officer's gun," says Lt. Pat McWilliams, Henderson County Sheriff's Department.

Henderson County Sheriff's investigators then chased Holloway until he crashed in a pond near Eustace on County Road 2504. The next seven hours were spent searching a one mile radius southwest of downtown Eustace.

40 officers, helicopters and tracking dogs scoured the woods for the suspect until eventually tracking him to a Henderson County house.

"For a while it was just kind of quiet and then they were all surrounding the house," says Crystal McAllister who lived next door.

"He just came out on the porch and a bunch of guys just came out to the car and handcuffed them," says Heather McAllister who also witnessed the arrest.

Holloway is facing aggravated assault of a peace officer, and evading arrest charges. Caney officer Allen was wearing a vest at the time of the shooting. Sheriff's investigators say that apparently saved his life.

Dana Dixon, reporting.