Road builder? Now that's a hot job!

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It was another scorcher. Thus, we went to find another hot job story to add to our series. Basically, we are looking for the hottest jobs in East Texas no matter what it is.

Laying asphalt in the heat is no easy task. Guys were shoveling and laying asphalt out in the scorching sun. Outside temperature? 100 degrees.

"It's hot," said Jeff Williford, with Affordable Asphalt. "These guys usually come back and they usually look beat up and drenched in sweat but they do a good job."

Williford has a "cooler" job as a sales rep, but for those in the trenches, it's the hardest time of year to work.

"Yes ma'am, July and August is just miserable, but, you know, it's alright," said Joe Martel, with Affordable Asphalt. "It's work. I'm happy to have work and everything."

"It's a growing business," said Williford. "There's always something that needs to be built."

But, you've got to be tough to do the job. The temperature reading from the asphalt was 309 degrees!

"It gets very hot out here," said Martel. "Especially if you're standing on top of it and everything. It can sometimes mess up the bottom of your boots."

"Oh yeah, I bet the heat just goes right through your shoes," I said.

"Oh yes ma'am, the heat comes up," replied Martel. "You absorb all of it."

"How much do you think you drink a day on this job," I asked him.

"Probably about a gallon of water," he answered. "No lie. Probably about a gallon. I mean, you're standing on top of that hot asphalt - 300 degree asphalt! [It's] 102 outside, you know, you drink a lot of water."

And, for extra protection, sometimes they even wear sunblock, though, nothing can really cool down their job.

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