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Gift of Love: 7-year-old Zella and 5-year-old Levi


By Jennifer Hines - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They are adventuresome with a strong bond. 7-year-old Zella and 5-year-old Levi are enjoying their summer outside, but what would make it even better is a home to call their own.

Zella loves the zoo and the birds. Her younger brother, Levi...we'll...he's not so sure.

"I love my brother," said Zella. "I love him so much!"

They have a strong sibling bond.

"Zella is humorous," said their caseworker Traci Tuck. "She likes to put on a show."

"He always says, 'Yes ma'am,' but I say, 'You don't have to say yes ma'am to me. I'm just your sister,'" said Zella. "He says, 'OK. Yes, ma'am.'"

"Levi a little more soft spoken than Zella," said Tuck. "He usually tags along with what his sister is doing."

Levi loves to help others and thrives on individual attention.

The two will keep you on the go.

"They need a family that is energetic and outgoing," said Tuck. "They love affection, so someone that can give them one-on-one attention [would be good]."

Zella likes to sing.

"[I like] singing to my brother, singing to my family," said Zella, "singing to my brother and family."

Zella starts Second grade in the fall and Levi enters Kindergarten. Although Zella is very bright, she sometimes struggles at school with math and reading. Levi is delayed in his speech and will need both speech and occupational at school. Both will need extra guidance at home.

"They have trouble paying attention and doing what the teacher tells them sometimes and they like to run around the classroom and talk because they like to socialize," said Tuck. "So, they have a hard time sitting down and being still."

We went to the sandbox where little brother Levi found all sorts of things to get into.

"Any parent that they would have, would need a lot of patience and to be affectionate," said Tuck. "Those are the two things these children need."

Together, the children have so much love to give and hope in return to find a family that will show them the gift of love.

If you'd like more information on Zella and Levi, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

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