Local non-profit may close its doors by month's end

By Philippe Djegal - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas non-profit organization is going through its worst financial crisis ever. Without help from you, PATH may close its doors for good.

"They just helped a whole lot, you know?" said Renee Smith. "Without just putting certain stuff from my life out there...I just...they mean a lot to me."

Smith said she would be lost without the not for profit organization. PATH, or People Attempting to Help, has been helping her for more than three years. They help her pay bills and eat at night.

"I know I'm not alone," said Smith. "I'm not alone. But, I would give to them because they give a lot to me."

"We've had our economic ups and downs just like everyone else, but this is the worst," said PATH's executive director, Christina Fulsom. "This is the worst it has ever been."

It's so bad that most of the office lights are turned out and the thermostats are set almost to 80 degrees to save money on electricity.

"PATH is in a critical position right now financially," said Fulsom. "We have less than one month operating funds to be able to provide services to our clients."

Fulsom says PATH will have no choice but to close up shop if they can't raise enough money to meet their monthly budget of $100,000.

"People who used to bring us soup or who might have brought a fan or school supplies in the past, they can't do it now," Fulsom. "They can't do it. We have a perfect storm. We have more and more people who need us and we have less and less resources."

"They're volunteers and they take their time out of their schedule like to do this, and it means a lot to me," Smith.

"There are dire needs that are being addressed each and every day at PATH, and I am very fearful that we may not be here, and if we're not, what will people do?" asked Fulsom.

Again, PATH says they will have no choice but to close in a month if they can't make budget. So, if you'd like to help save the organization, you can visit their web site and make a donation.

We've set up a link in our Big Red Box. Just go to our homepage, click on the Big Red Box, then find the link called "PATH".

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