East Texans Go Bargain Shopping after Christmas

Shoppers were focused on saving big bucks while getting more for their money the day after Christmas.  Stores at Broadway Square Mall in Tyler didn't disappoint with many places offering 50% off sales.

"I enjoy going shopping after Christmas it's more fun," says Jimi Brown. He doesn't mind the day after Christmas crowds.

"They are on sale and I thought, hey I wouldn't pay 40 dollars for them, but 15 is nice," exclaims Jimi.

After all, everywhere you look, it's 25, 50 or more percent off clothes and other items shoppers spent full price for before Christmas.

"I got Christmas money, a lot, so I'm just shopping," says Christian Myers . Christian and the rest of the Myers family didn't even buy Christmas presents in the traditional way. Instead they waited on the sales instead.

"For one thing, the pressure is off and secondly and you do have all of the sales," says, Chuck Myers.

Christian points out, "It's a lightning remote control car, it's the fastest thing they have at Radio Shack. It's a 100 dollars and I got it for 60."

Other bargain hunters headed for the "everything Christmas isle". Santa may be gone now, but as Jason Thompson explains, "Everything that is like for the Christmas holidays is half off, like ornaments for Christmas trees. I've already got a few things for next year."

And the pitter patter of East Texans' feet scouring the mail for a good deal was music to retailers ears.

"When they do come in, they come in to return things and exchange the gifts, it lets them know we do have some additional things to chose from," says Michael Williams, Asst. Manager JC Penney.

Despite poor predictions for retailers nationwide, East Texas stores like JC Penney aren't faring bad this holiday. For instance, the Broadway Square Mall store expects a seven percent increase in sales compared to the national average of two to four percent.

Dana Dixon, reporting.