Longview Good Restaurant Report

5 Longview restaurants had perfect scores and 9 others had near perfect scores in the latest round of inspections by the health department... Kings bar-b-que at 3012 West Marshall avenue was inspected November 18th and was spotlessly clean with no violations... Score a perfect a. Other perfect scores... Bodacious Rib Shack at 1300 Northwest Loop 281 inspected November 19th... Inspected on November 21st the Lotus Inn Chinese restaurant at 1405 West Loop 281... The Hot Dog Express at 106 East Marshall inspected December 11th... And Subway sandwiches of East Texas in the Longview mall inspected December 17th... 9 restaurants had only one non-critical violation and had "a" scores... J & J Mexican taco place at 1528 F.M. 1845 inspected on November 12th... Inspected on November 15th Sallys Good Foods at 203 Mobberly avenue... The Tyler Street Bistro at 102 East Tyler inspected December 5th... Inspected December 10th Burger King at 1623 west loop 281... The Hamburger factory at 106 East Marshall inspected November 14th... Inspected December 12th Little Caesars Pizza at 1809 West Loop 281... Pizza King Pizza at 1100 East Marshall inspected December 11th...inspected December 11th Taco Bell at 200 West Marshall... Whataburger at 1429 West Loop 281 inspected on December 10th.... And inspected on November 19th, Wendy's Baskins Robbins at 3302 North 4th street.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.