Day After Christmas Brings Heavy Returns

The day after Christmas is famous to retailers as being the biggest day of the year for returns.

Even though that day was a Thursday this year, 2002 didn't disappoint.

They were taking numbers at Target, as people lined up to return presents for a variety of reasons.

Charlotte McKnight was returning her daughter's entertainment center. "We opened it up, and it was damaged. It must have been a return previously, so they were gracious enough to find another one in the back so she can take home what she picked out."

For LaCorina Keeton, the art easel she bought for her son wasn't the perfect gift. "As soon as he looked at it, he said 'I'm too big for that, so I thought I'd bring it back.'"

Whatever the reason why "it" wasn't the perfect gift, today was the day to bring "it" back and get a second chance at Christmas. Shonda Emmert was returning somne gifts for her daughter, and planned to continue the holiday shopping.

"I want to get my daughter a toy that I was going to get her for Christmas, but I couldn't afford it."

Lisa Smith, who was returning some items for her baby, actually enjoys the process. "It's kind of nice in a way, because I'll get to go find some things that maybe weren't on my list that I think the baby would like."

As for the return, most said it was the spirit of the gift.

Kimberly Girard, who was returning a gift, said it was keeping in the spirit of the season. "I think that generally the people who give us the gifts want to give us something that we'll use and need, so they've been encouraging about us taking things back."

Target management said that although today was their biggest day for returns, they expect the increased numbers to continue for at least a week. Since the day after christmas is a Thursday, many people had to go back to work so the store expects this weekend to be busy at the returns counter as well.

Reid Kerr, reporting.