Go West Young Man: Harmony's Schoon Plays in National Tourney

HARMONY, Texas -- One East Texas high school baseball player experienced the opportunity of a lifetime in Arizona.

"The trip down there was pretty long," said 15 year old Wesley Schoon, a soon to be sophomore at Harmony High School.

Schoon was the only East Texan to play in the recent USA Baseball tournament in Arizona.

"It was a nice place," explained Schoon.

Schoon had to earn his spot on the team, although connections at Harmony did help as well.

"I looked around and there were people everywhere, and I was just amazed by how big and stuff they were compared to people here," said Schoon.

Schoon's father, Steven, was glad to make the trip with his son.

"It just throws him out there to get his name out there," commented Schoon's father.

And when it was all over, Schoon's name was not only out there, but on the lineup card, and headed to Arizona.

Wesley Schoon soon discovered that he would be playing on fields used by Major League clubs during spring training.

"We played on the minor league fields for like the Rangers and Mariners and brewers and stuff and their big fields that they played on for their games were right beside us...we got to play on the ones they practiced on which was very nice to me because ive never played on anything like that before," said Schoon.

His team did not win, but played well, well enough for Wesley and the rest of his family to enjoy a little vacation.

"I guess they just wanted to take a long trip vacation just to watch baseball...We go to stay in the same hotel, we didn't really like the conjoining rooms, but we liked the idea that our whole family got to come and watch me play," said Schoon.

Schoon's father heartily agreed.

"Well I think he summed it up. We're a pretty close family and it makes it easy for us. It was a good experience."