They slept a few steps away as a safeguard, but it wasn't enough.

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
By Jessica Boyd - email

Patricia Bryan points out where fireworks are missing,"Here would have been the crazy frog, the blue barrel would have been here."

Fireworks filled the shelves at the Bryan family firework stand just the day before.

Today, Patricia and her mother Jackie counted what little is left.  "They cleaned house I mean they took everything."

"I was in shock," says Jackie,"my daughter said you must have been busy last night and I said no kinda dead it was a Monday and she said well there's a lot of stuff gone and I said what!"

Around 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning Patricia woke up her two sisters in the nearby portable building and then came to open up the stand. When she spotted empty shelves she thought it was a good sign until she took a second look, "I open the door I see light coming through I get the stand open, that door I go to open it and it falls over they took it completely off the hinges and they took the lock."

Once inside thieves skipped the small stuff, going straight for the expensive explosives, "This whole shelf was completely full that was full I had pro-heroes here which are a new item in my stand this year and they ranged each item one hundred dollars and over."

Favorites like little "Big Man" and "Party Keg" contributed to an estimated $6,000 worth of stolen goods.

Inventory Jackie says, isn't easy to replace, "You know that's food off my baby's table ya know don't appreciate it at all... You kinda have to put your faith in people a lot of times and hope they don't do things like this. I just guess you gotta hope for the god fearing people around you."

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