Star spangled banner to keep waving

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV)- Monday, we told you about Kevin Lewis of Tyler. Kevin tells us the City of Tyler warned him to take down this flag display outside his business, claiming the display violated the city's sign ordinance. The story rattled a lot of you on

In our web poll, an overwhelming 95% of you said Kevin's flags should be allowed to keep waving.

Dozens of emails and calls also came pouring in, both to our newsroom and Tyler City Hall, which announced Tuesday, a change of heart.

So you could say: 'Oh say do those star spangled banners yet wave.'

Kevin told KLTV 7, "These colors don't run. We've had so much support that it's unbelievable."

Even from a 30 foot inflatable Uncle Sam that now sits outside. "I like Uncle Sam," explains Kevin. The folks at East Texas Copy Systems brought the extra decoration out Tuesday morning.

"I think that those flags may violate the letter of the code, but they definitely don't violate the spirit," says ETCS operations manager Curtis Martine. After seeing our story, Curtis jumped at the chance to for "Sam" to keep watch over "Old Glory."

"We've got seven, at least seven veterans here, " says Curtis, "numerous family members of people that work here that are in the service... As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the most important dates in the history of mankind. It's the birth of the greatest nation on earth."

"I'm a wife, mother, and daughter of Marines who have all fought on foreign soil in wars so I really support people supporting this holiday," says City of Tyler planning director, Barbara Holly. She reviewed the city ordinance, and found it does allow exemptions for holiday decorations without commercial messages.

That includes Kevin's flapping, feather flags.

"There's no numbers," says Kevin," No percentages. No advertising for anything of what we're selling. It's just about the Fourth of July."

And Barbara agrees,"as long as it's close to the fourth of July, we're going to treat these as holiday decorations."

With that declaration made, for now, the revolution has ended.

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