A Better East Texas: Jay's Cans

I just can't get over the inspiring story of Jay Bambeck, the young East Texan who suffers from cerebral palsy on a quest to collect enough aluminum cans to buy a ramp and docking station so he can more easily get in and out of the family van.  Our news team brought you his story last week.  Jay's mother has a hard time getting him in and out of their van and Jay has taken it upon himself to find a solution.  He did not ask for money, only enough aluminum cans for him to cash in and pay for the ramp which costs five-thousand dollars.  I don't know what is more inspiring - the pure motivation that Jay is driven by, setting an out of this world goal and then going for it - or the incredible response of East Texans.  People from across the area have responded by bringing hundreds of pounds of aluminum cans.  And to top it off a local business has stepped up to help with some of the needs.  Jay is only 8 years old but what a lesson for all of us regardless of age.  Here is someone with every reason to complain but his sweet spirit has him focused not on his condition but on his dream of making life easier for his family.  Jay's story should inspire us all and you can follow it on kltv.com.  A young East Texan with a heart and dream as big as our state - making this A Better East Texas.