Disadvantaged East Texans Phone Home

It's one of the largest telecom companies in the country, but on Christmas Day, Alltell was in the business of making minor miracles happen.

Economically disadvantaged East Texans took advantage of the free cell phones on Christmas Day. Alltel representatives brought 13 cell phones to the Salvation Army's Christmas Feast Wednesday morning. Anyone needing to call home got unlimited minutes and access to national and international  minutes.

Many used the opportunity to make amends with family members. Michael Penegor called both his father and mother. The twenty-something said he lost touch with his parents, when he started facing legal trouble last year. But a year later, he's starting a new life and thankful Alltel gave him an opportunity to phone home.

"Somebody was nice enough to be able to give me the opportunity to call my Dad," say Penegor. "It was nice to at least talk with him for 15 minutes and wish him a Happy Holidays."

Alltel says they plan on providing the phones again next year.