"Justice for Justin"

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email

LEVERETT'S CHAPEL, TX (KLTV) - Two weeks ago, Justin Clinton's family witnessed a horrific tragedy. Now, they want action to keep it from happening again.

The family of Justin Clinton is now asking for tighter leash laws in Rusk county and trying to get pit bulls outlawed completely in Texas.

10-year-old Justin, you'll remember, was mauled to death by pit bulls outside a friend's home in Leverett's Chapel.

For the first time since the attack, Justin's mother spoke with KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley, telling us what she thinks will be justice for Justin.

The pain of losing Justin is still unbearable for his mother Serenia Clinton. But she has a message for pit bull owners.  "I hope and pray that it's not one of your babies that gets killed. All these pit bull owners that have the dogs, I don't wish this on anybody, because Justin was my baby," said Clinton.

The family calls their mission "Justice for Justin." They're goal is get Texans to sign a petition that would outlaw pit bulls in Texas.

"People need to be aware of what's going on with this breed of dogs. They are killers! I'm sorry but they are killers," said Pam Ford, Justin's Aunt.

To take a stand for Justin, his family will wear "Justice for Justin" t-shirts, in hopes of swaying county commissioner to pass a leash law or outlaw pit bulls for good.

"It's so important that people know what these dogs do. They seem to be loveable pets but in an instant, it's over. It's too late when your babies gone! It's too late to say, "oh they were so loveable." They were our pets," said Ford.

Billy Hale is Rusk County Commissioner for Precinct 1, which includes the Leverett's Chapel area.

"I do understand that the family wants something done. To ban other breeds of dogs is something that I'm not sure we can legally do. We will listen to the people and there desires to have a leash law," said Hale.

Leash law or outlaw, Justin's family says they won't stop until they get justice.

Justin's family tells KLTV 7 they plan to hold a "Justice for Justin" rally at the Rusk County courthouse Wednesday.

That same day, county commissioners will hold a meeting to decide whether a leash law will be passed in some areas of the county.

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